Born and raised in a malfunctioning city, I was fortunate enough to take a turn and studied abroad in an eyes-opening, form follows function country. After my studies, I had my internship in another country at one of the world’s top capitalist city.

With the inequality limitation in life, I am once back in this ”who cares if it works" city again, where the priority is just false aesthetic and fame. But well, I have the sea, the tropical fruits, and the MSG-pouring street food here, if that is considered a matter.I might as well have strong opinions and questions regarding humanity in general.

Apart from my full-time job, I'm happy to do my side project either in the area of type design or graphic design: logotype, brand identity, art-direction, packaging design and editorial design (both in print and digital artwork). Also more than happy to work remotely! If everything that I have mentioned above is ok, then we can talk! Please feel free to contact me via email to see more of the works.


• Full-time Type Designer at Cadson Demak
• Part-time Typography lecturer at CommDe

• MDes, Visual Communication, Basel School of Design
Basel, Switzerland
• BA Communication Design, CommDe, Chulalongkorn University
Bangkok, Thailand
Line: boom.promphans