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Designed on
September, 2020
Published on
December 15, 2020
Identity design

These days, the importance of marketing is out of the question. Our daily visual consumption like our social media feed is, indeed, flooded with marketing and all of its items. But I wouldn't say I like marketing; I am not too fond of the idea of trying so hard to sell something. If it is good, it will fly was my kind of life's principle.

I know, I was wrong. You do not have to tell me that.  

During a dinner with my friend Zin, a marketing researcher, we talked about her new project and how she was busy doing her freelance job for her friend’s business: Healthy Snack. She did the whole process: researching, studying the product’s selling points, analyzing the market and comparing the products to their competitors. At this point of the story, you might be curious as how serious we are when discussing work, well, it went as far as showing me the presentations. And yes, this is our normal catch-up dinner but like always, we never forget to include our work details.

Come to think of it, if you are creating a product, how much would you like to be successful in terms of sale? Being unrivaled is quite difficult nowadays, but having a clear path regarding how to reach your target groups could be a conveniently good idea.

At the end of an hour-long casual talk, she then turned to me and said, "Now it's just the matter of how the designers could visualize those ideas." Of course, I was not following entirely, I was kind of busy eating.

I wouldn't say that I like to take a freelance job; maybe it is obvious why I have gotten a full-time job since day one. I hate it when the clients are being too self-centered for no good back-up reason, or sometimes it is just the hopeless, "you will only create toxic pollutions" kind of product we needed to work with. But Zin wanted to pair up; she showed me how marketing research and visual communication could work perfectly together. I only have to follow her, visually of course. How she persuades me? The phrase that got me was, “We can help the Thai SMEs."

So here is the logo of our freelance co-project. I had a very limited time to create the logo, the presentation, and all those rate cards. I chose to go for a cliché (but fall-short Pinterest) ideas. Undeniably, I cornily merged our initials: B(oom) and Z(in).

With Zin’s 6 years of experience in marketing research field, through the ups and downs of countless branding strategies, I do have faith that she is definitely going to take your business to the higher levels, if you follow her lead. And we agreed that we will let our clients know, if their product happen to be just another copy of something. And for my designing part? If I couldn’t do it, I will definitely pass the project on to someone who suits your need.

This article however, does not imply that every project I had is a well-thought out “Thai SMEs” project. Some fell-short, even worse than my cliché presentation, no offense.

Doing business is hard, but I hope it will be a good lesson learn for us to do it better next time! Yes, you’ve read all that right, this project happened over dinner.

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